CareSuite by QuickMAR is a quality EHR designed by senior living professionals that gives you the most important tools to ensure safety and quality care. CareSuite includes its flagship module QuickMAR – the industry preferred eMAR. Assessments, care planning, resident billing, incident management, ADLs, behavior management, charting notes, inventory management, sales CRM, and corporate console are also part of this industry leading EHR. CareSuite is uniquely easy to implement and easy to learn!

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Easily branded postcard brochure created by InnerVoice Group for a SaaS company to be used by clients to promote the usage of the software by end users.
Postcard brochure with a graphic all created by InnerVoice Group for a software company promoting features of a new version.
Whitepaper with bold blue fields and bright green highlights created by InnerVoice Group detailing the use of CareSuite in a 15 minute medication management strategy.