Online Memory Making & Games Can Be a Gamechanger for the Grandkids

It’s an exciting time as we have the ability to hear and see our cute grandchildren’s faces through FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Facebook and other screen sharing programs. Here’s some tips to make those communications memorable.

Read Together

Children love books and reading. You can read books to your grandchildren and they can read to you. Buy a book from Amazon for both you and your grandchildren and then read the book together. Sometimes it’s even fun to become a nighttime routine to read your grandchildren their bedtime stories.

Share Jokes

Everyone loves to laugh. Make it a memorable by always having your grandkids take turns sharing their favorite jokes with you and you share as well. Laughing is good for the soul and helps build happy memories.


Schedule a sing-a-long with the grandkids. Have them teach you their favorite songs they are learning in church and school and you in turn teach them songs you learned when you were growing up.

Have a Tea Party

Who doesn’t love tea? Have your grandkids dress up like princes and princesses. You should also make a special effort to put on some rouge and little lipstick too, or maybe sport a snazzy tie. Share stories about your childhood and have them tell you about what they are doing at school and church. A virtual tea party is something everyone can look forward to.

Play Games like Hangman and Charades

Everyone loves simple games like tic-tac-toe, hangman and charades and kiddos of all ages can have fun. Schedule a monthly game night with the grandkids with treats and snacks to enjoy for all!

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