Keeping In Touch With Your Loved Ones & Friends

Many of us seniors are finding ourselves confined to our homes or within our Independent, Assisted or Skilled Nursing Facilities. I has been a scary and even lonely time for many of us. It’s important to feel connected and loved through these difficult times and here’s some quick tips on how we can do so!

1. Let’s Get Back to Snail Mail

It’s time to pull out the paper and pen and start writing. Remember your loved ones are dealing with the same issues and many are confined to their homes as well. We all have a little more time on our hands and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. So let’s fill it with goodness. Encourage your loved ones to buy stamps and write. Grandkids now will have a little extra time to produce a work of art and mail it.

2. Start a Journal

Writing a journal on either paper or a computer is good thing. You can make it into the chapters of your life and send through email or mail to your loved ones. We all have a legacy we have lived and journals are a way to share life’s most treasured memories with one another. It gives true meaning to the feeling of… ‘walking in someone else’s shoes.’

3. Schedule Calls With Loved Ones and Friends

Our younger generation loves to put things on their to-do calendars. Make sure your call becomes a daily, weekly or monthly event. Sometimes it doesn’t feel good when we don’t receive calls or check-up from our loved ones. They are busy and life is busy, so scheduling a time to connect helps everyone connect. If you are in a facility, where you may need to stay in your room for sometime, call your friends and residents and talk from room to room.

4. FaceTime Your Loved Ones and Friends

Smart Phones are so very smart nowadays. If you have an Appple Iphone, you can simply click the FaceTime option while on a call and see your loved ones and friends. The other person needs to have an Iphone as well. So if you or your loved ones don’t, you can install apps like WhatsApp. This application will allow you to talk to anyone face-to-face on any type of Smart Phone. Have your caregiver help if needed.

5. Email Your Loved Ones and Friends

Setting up an email is a very easy thing to do and your caretakers can help you. Encourage your loved ones and friends to send weekly emails to one another. Email is a great form of communication and easy to use.

6. Use Facebook to Stay Up-to-Date

Many of our loved ones and friends are on Facebook. It is a fun way to look and see what is going on in the lives of people we love and care about. It helps us stay connected and see pictures of those we love and miss the most. We can also comment and respond with one another through Facebook.

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