The Importance of having an Online Presence in 2017

By January 9, 2017 Marketing

The year is now 2017. As businesses, corporations and other organizations continue to evolve to the ever changing environment they inhabit, it is important to keep in mind that marketing strategies also continue to evolve.

Twenty years ago, a business could rely more on ‘word of mouth’ to get his or her business the attention required. In today’s climate with the presence of the internet, the included social media and other online information outlets, if you only rely on word of mouth you are going to get stuck in the mud. Today, you have to assume that your competitors will be utilizing the latest marketing methods and strategies and they will steal your potential clients without matching them.

Social media used to be a place for people to connect and share thoughts, feelings and pieces of their life with friends and family. For a business, it is a tool. Used and managed correctly, one could get his or her business the attention that would never have been possible with word of mouth or traditional marketing methods.

It is also important to keep in mind that people often search a business online to find out more about what they do. Having a website is also a useful tool that allows you to showcase your business where it can be seen from anywhere in the world. That is the power of the internet.

Businesses that do not implement online marketing strategies into their business models will find it more and more of a struggle to keep up with competitors as time goes on and people transition more and more to the web. It is important to take advantage of these new tools that are available to every business across the globe.

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