Hidden Holiday Revenue Generators

By December 17, 2015 News
What if you could make the buying season longer?
Most Companies Miss Out On the “E-Gift Card Campaign”
Companies are usually competing for on-line sales from November 27th (Black Friday) until December 19th, the last day customers can typically have their gift shipped and be received in time for the holidays.  As a result, holiday revenues slow after the 19th of December for many companies.
E-Gift Card Campaigns increase the duration of holiday sales because ship dates are no longer an issue.  They also provide higher profit margins. It’s such a simple concept, you’ll probably say… “Why didn’t I think of that?”
Let us help you implement and market the 
“E-Gift Card Campaign”
    Gift cards are extremely enticing to last minute shoppers. 62% of consumers said they would like to receive a gift card, making gift cards the most requested gift item eight years in a row.  Holiday shoppers are to spend more than $31 billion on gift cards this year, according to a NRF survey.
Examples of E-Gift Card Campaigns from the
InnerVoice Group Holiday Portfolio
Make it fun. Most procrastinators feel guilty about procrastinating. Make them feel like a hero with your ads.

Incentives Can Set You Apart from Your Competitors

If you want to provide an urgency and make your gift cards more appealing create an incentive, discount or immediate call-to-action.
Highlight your unique E-Gift Card attributes with words such as “Customizable”. Make sure consumers have an easy link to go to.

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T. Vlastelica, Founder of Contemporary Energy Solutions
It’s not too late!

If you’d like to implement an on-line E-Gift Card Campaign before the holidays are over, email us or call us at 208.615.4707.Visit our website today to learn more!

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